Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Newsletter!

Hello animal lovers! It's been a while since we last posted here. There have been a lot of things keeping us busy - of which the setting up of our new animal shelter in Lomunu takes priority.

What better way to update this blog than to present our latest newsletter!

Until next time, cheers!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mass Bathing Session For The Cats

Our beloved feline friends got their "spa' session last Sunday, 21st August 2011. Within 2 hours, we managed to bath 14 cats, including kittens, much to our delight.

"Nooooooo!" says Yani, the oldest kitten around this cattery. 
Sentosa is getting used to being bathed now
Drying off Guli after his bath
Relaxing after their bath, feeling more comfortable now that they are clean. Fluffy fur too!

Giving them a bath every once in a while will help to keep their skin healthy. Thank you Mirabelle Belle for sparing some of your free time to help us and our feline friends.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Volunteer Drive


  • DATE : 15 JULY 2011


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SPCA KK Fun!(d) Raiser

Calling Animal Lovers and Supporters of SPCA KK .... 

Come and join the fun and make this event a successful one!!

Yes, it's tomorrow! Time to party with your friends and families - the charitable way ;)

See you @ Sullys....... hup! hup! yeah! \0/

Monday, April 25, 2011

O!Sweet Cake In Support of SPCA KK

Updated 17/05/2012: O!Sweet Cake collected RM450.00 from this fund raising and handed it over to SPCA KK recently for the Lomunu Project. Thank you to Mandy of O!Sweet Cake and to all that supported this fund-raising!

Most people would say 'yes, please' to at least a slice of cake. Cakes, as we all know, are usually one of the must-have in occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings,  farewell parties, etc. From 1st May to 30th June 2011, O!Sweet Cake is giving 10% of the total orders throughout the said duration to SPCA KK! Yay!

Beside having the "oh, just nice sweetness" and tasty cakes, O! Sweet Cake does amazingly with hand-drawn images on the cakes. Despite being a self-taught, home-based cake maker, the decoration on the cakes does have its own WOW factor. Sometimes the cakes just looks too good to be eaten. The following are some of the custom made designs made by O! Sweet Cake: 

If you are an avid fan of a certain football club, you can have this made for you..... 

This author is a fan of Chelsea, don't worry, you can have your own favourite football club's cake :)

Your kid loves Ben 10? No problem ... make him happy on his birthday!

Your loved one is treating the car better than you? Make him/her remembers you are the best by making him/her happier by a custom-made cake design .... 

OR... just a simple design for a heavenly but sinfully tasty, moist chocolate cake to satisfy your chocolate cravings ... 

Highly recommended, could be the best Chocolate Moist Cake in town!

So friends of SPCA KK, help O! Sweet Cake with its good intention to support SPCA KK by placing your order, too! Check out the Facebook Page for the list of cake types/flavours made to order and the decorations. You can place your order by email to osweetcake@gmail.com or give a shout out at the Facebook wall and Mandy, the lady who makes this wondrous cakes will get back to you soonest.   

We at SPCA KK is utmost grateful for your kind offer, Mandy. To those who orders from O! Sweet Cake , we thank you in advance. God bless you all... 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fei Chai For Adoption

This is Fei Chai. He is 9 months old. He has been vacinated and neutered and is looking for a loving family to take him home.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheez Is Adopted!

For those who has been following us on our adoption page in Facebook, you would have known that there's this adorable kitten called Cheez which was up for adoption. We are happy to share the good news that Cheez was adopted today by Miranda and her family last Friday, 15th April 2011.

Miranda is able to supervise her young ones around Cheez (now named Twinkle) and their other kitten, Princess,  to ensure both her young children and the kittens are safe around each other.  This is one good example of exposing and teaching children to love animals and grooming them to be a responsible pet owners as their parents are. Miranda and family, thank you so much for supporting SPCA KK's adoption programme.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help Us Spread The Word ....

SPCA KK could do with any help we can get with our cause. If you have a blog or a website, help us spread the word, especially for the Pet Adoption’s Programme by putting the following image on your blog, website and  Facebook or whichever social network you are active at. Do let us know once you put the image or written a story about us in your blogs/websites and we'll link you in this blog as our token of appreciation. 

We need help to spread the awareness and letting the community knows that we are here in KK, and that one can actually adopt the rescued animals from the temporary shelters. We are running out of places  to put the rescued domestic animals so it is vital that we can find them permanent homes as soon as possible.


Copy the following code and post it to your website. Thank you for spreading the love, God bless you.

Together, we can make a positive difference for animal welfare.

The Myths and Misconceptions of SPCA Kota Kinabalu

 " Myth and Misconception of SPCA Kota Kinabalu"
Mitos and Salah Faham terhadap SPCA Kota Kinabalu

SPCA has the authority to confiscate animals from abused homes
SPCA mempunyai  kuasa untuk merampas haiwan-haiwan yang didera
  • SPCA does not have the authority to do so. An official report could be submitted to SPCA and SPCA will forward it to the respective authorities to take legal action.
SPCA tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk bertindak sedemikian. Akan tetapi, satu laporan rasmi boleh dibuat dan SPCA akan mengajukan laporan berkenaan kepada pihak berkuasa yang tertentu.

SPCA is a society where the public can give away@ dump their unwanted pets  
SPCA adalah sebuah organisasi di mana masyarakat boleh membuang haiwan peliharaan mereka apabila mereka tidak memerlukannya lagi.

  • SPCA is NOT a place where members of the public can just dump their pets as they like. However, SPCA could help in finding people to adopt these animals.
SPCA BUKAN sebuah organisasi di mana masyarakat boleh berbuat demikian. Akan tetapi SPCA dapat membantu mencari orang yang ingin mengambil haiwan peliharaan ini

SPCA disposes carcassess of dogs or cats that were hit on the road
SPCA membuang bangkai binatang yang dilanggar
  • as SPCA members are working full time, we are not able to collect the carcasses of animals which got hit on the road and dispose them.
Memandangkan, kebanyakan ahli SPCA bekerja sepenuh masa, mereka tidak berupaya untuk mengutip bangkai-bangkai haiwan yang telah dilanggar.

  • However, members of the public could help by stopping their car ( if they spot a carcass on the road)  by the roadside and just remove the carcasses by putting it by the side of the road to avoid it from being run over by cars again and again
Walau bagaimanapun, org ramai boleh membantu ( sekiranya mereka nampak bangkai haiwan ini) dengan menghentikan kereta mereka di tepi jalan dan mengalihkan bangkai tersebut dengan meletakkankannya di tepi jalan bagi mengelakkan bangkai tersebut dilanggar berulang kali.

The SPCA members are full time volunteers
Ahli SPCA adalah sukarelawan sepenuh masa
  • we may not be able to attend to cases received by the public as soon as possible due to lack of manpower and time constrain. However, the cases received will be looked into and the response would be based on priority and emergency cases.
SPCA mungkin tidak dapat bertindak secepat mungkin kerana kekurangan tenaga dan kekangan masa. Akan tetapi, kes-kes yang diterima akan dilihat dan diberi maklum balas secepat mungkin berdasarkan keutamaan dan kes-kes kecemasan.

SPCA has an official shelter and office
SPCA mempunyai pejabat dan tempat perlindungan haiwan yang rasmi.
  • since SPCA Kota Kinabalu is still considered relatively new, we are still in the process of working to get land to build an official shelter and office.
SPCA masih dalam proses mendapatkan tanah untuk membina pejabat dan tempat perlindungan haiwan yang rasmi.

SPCA Kota Kinabalu is a government centre and is funded by the government
SPCA merupakan pusat kerajaan dan dibiayai oleh kerajaan
  • SPCA is a non-profit organisation which depends SOLELY on its funding to operate
SPCA ialah badan organisasi bukan kerajaan dan bergantung sepenuhnya kepada derma yang diterima daripada orang awam atau badan-badan korporat

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Urgent Help Needed : OLD NEWSPAPERS!!

Dear readers and supporters, 

SPCA KK is in dire need of old newspapers. If you have old newspapers that you can donate or need to dispose of, please contact us for the delivery arrangement. Your help is needed urgently and very much appreciated.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Day In A Life of the SPCA Members

Most people in our society here in Kota Kinabalu are not aware that SPCA KK is run 100% by volunteers. SPCA KK is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), a Non-Profit Organisation which depends solely on donations for its funding to operate. 

As ALL members that are active with the rescue/inspectorate tasks are working full time, we would really appreciate it if the members of the public would give some understanding to our mode of operation, to our response time. We are doing this voluntarily, on our "free" time. 

This is the daily scenario, as the active members who are doing the rescue and taking care of the animals at the temporary shelters: 

5.30 am : 2 members leave the house to go to the cat shelters while another goes to the dog shelter to feed the cats/dogs, give medication to those that are under medication 
7.00-7.30 am : Leaves for work - yes, we do have to earn a living someplace else
8:00-5:00 pm : One member takes up the duty of answering the hotline number (Thank you Celcom!), and delegates the cases among 6 members who are free or could leave work for a moment, prioritised in accordance to the urgency of the reported cases. There are about 5 cases in average for a day, so just imagine the running around the city to attend to urgent cases. 
5:00 pm: Leaves work and heads to the shelters to feed the cats/dogs, while the others would attend to the pending reported cases. 
8:00 pm onwards : Gets home, feeds our own pets and does daily personal chores like the rest of the world. If there is any urgent rescue to be done, yes, we head out again till late night at times. Most of us would only get about 4-5 hours sleep daily.

In between those hours, most of the time there will be 2-4 members to do the rescue and inspectorate tasks. Most cases would require immediate medical attention, so off we go to the nearest animal clinic, too. One would have to go up to 4 different places in one go, between the 1-2 hours lunch break. Skipping lunch would be an ordinary occurrence. With this, we kindly ask, please be understanding when we could not come on your beck and call right that instance. We can do without the strings of unkind words, thank you.

Why such hectic schedule? Simple. We just don't have enough manpower to do the work. There are other aspects of SPCA Kota Kinabalu that need to be covered such as fund raising, education, etc..and we would really appreciate the help that we could get from the public. By working together we could establish a more effective and proactive society in helping the animals in need. Therefore, we would really welcome individuals that would come forward, sincerely help out with the tasks and lighten the burden on the existing members. 

SPCA KK is a different category of charity as compared to human's. The benefit would only be your own satisfaction of being able to save another LIFE, giving another LIFE a chance for a better LIFE. There's so much that we human can learn from the animals. Seriously, nowadays, the animals are much better than some of the human's behaviours. 

Four Kittens Adopted

There were definitely no Monday blues for us but a great news to mark the beginning of the week, as a total of four kittens were adopted, one on Sunday and three more yesterday! 
Midnight was adopted by Jojo, while Siti, Lena and Mar, the three good vet nurses from a private animal clinic adopted Liko, Mable and Tammy. Thank you for supporting SPCA KK Adoption Programme, ladies. We at SPCA KK are glad that you will be giving your newly acquired pets lots of tender, loving, care at their new homes with you. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

That's What Friends Are For

It's been another great weekend for SPCA KK as a group of friends came over, volunteering to help a member who is fostering a few cats at her place. Lynne, Arlene, Irene, Jojo & Diane did the cleaning up tasks in no time at all. They even managed to bath all the kittens, making them all sweet smelling and cuddly. 

Clearing off the litterbox and washing & drying them off in the sun afterward

Sweeping the floor

Washing the cats' plates and bowls

Cheez getting a bath! Who says you can't help with charity if you're allergic to cats' hair? That's what masks are for :)

Drying off the kittens with clean towels
Apart from giving their friend a little break from the tasks in keeping the cats' place clean and comfortable for the cats, this is also a way to spend time and get together with each other. A some sort of outing. Arlene was nice enough to bake cupcakes and brought them to share together with tasty sardine sandwiches! Lynne treated everybody with bottles of Coca-Cola & 100 Plus to quench the thirst. What a great way to rest after all the hard work.

That's what friends are for, and this is just another example of teamwork. Friendship and teamwork rocks! If you would like to arrange such an outing with your friends or families, just give us a holler. We would really appreciate it if you could expose your little children to such activities, as the Malay idiom goes: "Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya", translation to English as "to bend a bamboo, do it while it is still a shoot". It means if you want to teach your little children, it is better to do it while they're still young. So nurture your kids on respecting and loving animals, so that they will know how to respect lives, being responsible, caring and loving them in future. Who knows, they may help them to choose their career path when they are all grown up. You could be shaping a future vet in your hands. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A pup rescued at Taman Kepayan Ridge

On 17/3/2011 SPCA Kota Kinabalu  received a call from a concern member of the society, Mrs. Mary Tan about a pup that fell into a drain at a residential area in Kepayan. The authorities i.e the Fire Department was called to rescue the pup.  Fortunately the pup was safely rescued around noon. SPCA Kota Kinabalu would like to thank Mrs. Mary for her prompt action in rescuing the pup which has saved the pup's life. The pup is adopted by Mrs. Mary and is now in safe hands.

Pinnacle Pet Shop in Support of SPCA Kota Kinabalu

Mrs. Agnes Kok, Pinnacle Pet Shop Manager with SPCA Kota Kinabalu's President Mr. Mohammad Iskandar Shah Ali
The Pinnacle Pet Supply Sdn. Bhd. has generously agreed to contribute 100kg of dog dry food and 50 kg of cat dry food to SPCA Kota Kinabalu on monthly basis. Thank you for supporting SPCA Kota Kinabalu.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PET Stories to Share - A pup named Bobby

Mike and Bobby

I recently moved to KK as my father has terminal cancer. There have been so many awful animal cruelty reports in Malaysia recently, so we decided that we wanted to start a happy story.My family has never believed in paying a small fortune for a pedigree breed of cat or dog. For decades we have always given stray dogs and cats a loving home. I found SPCA KK on Facebook (that's what makes the world go round nowadays) a couple of weeks ago.The very next day one of the SPCA KK members was kind enough to pick my baby sister and me up and take us to the shelter.We were looking for a young male pup and name him Bob, after my dad. In the end, the one who caught our eye was a girl. We named her Bobby. Playful, loving, wonderful cheeky character and fearless!

We took her to the vet a few days later to have her mite/skin problem looked at (it's much better now btw). When we were in the waiting room, a huge black scary-looking dog, about ten times Bobby's size walked in with it's owner. Bobby popped her little head out of the cardboard box I was carrying her in and started barking at the giant dog. The bigger dog started cowering. No joke!

She has settled in so well here at our house, that she is already barking at anything and everything that dares come near our gate. Bobby the tiny guard dog!
She is now part of our family and we couldn't have hoped for a nicer dog.
Thank you SPCA KK.


ps - Bobby's favourite hobby is chewing on my toes!

Monday, March 7, 2011


A vet was called to the shelter to perform the operation. From left, Emily, Ju Ping, Kah Hock, Jia Yuh, Tong Mui, Ley Fen.e
noya a new member of the K9 shelter was spayed
tips and Jojo after the surgery.

Last saturday, while some members were at Signal Hill doing rescue, and some were at Lokawi rescuing pups, some of the K9 members of the shelter were spayed and neutered. This is one of the steps taken to decrease the over population of unwanted cats and dogs on the street. We also had UMS students who came to volunteer at the shelter.

Signal at Signal Hill

Signal was spotted by one of the SPCA members. He was thin and hungry. She fed him buns as those were the only food she had with her at that time.
Last Friday (4/3/11)  two SPCA KK members went to Signal Hill to try a and rescue a thin and hungry dog that was either lost or abandoned by the owner. Apparently one of the regular joggers who goes there said that the dog has been there for almost a month. The attempt to place the dog in the carrier failed so it was decided to try and coax him again the next day. On Saturday (5/3/11) Signal was successfully rescued  and was brought to the vet for check up.

Signal resting on one of the pallets
Signel the Handsome dog.

He is a handsome dog and when he was rescued it was found that he was already castrated. He is now placed in the K9 shelters. Signal is a good dog but does not like other dogs to disturb him.


Mike and her baby sister Marie, with Bobby.

Last Sunday ( 6/3/11) a female pup around 6 weeks old was adopted by a nice family. Mike who just arrived last week from Kuala Lumpur, and her baby sister Marie came to the shelter and fell in love with the pup and named her Bobby after his father. Beside the fact that he loves animals, Bobby was also a form of therapy for his father who is quite sickly. Hopefully Bobby will be happy at her new home and gets the love and care she deserved.

A Dog Named Cable

                           CHRONOLOGICAL EVENTS OF “CABLE'S” RESCUE

The Sutera Harbour traffic lights where "Cable" was seen crossing up and down countless times - the beginning of her rescue saga.
The parking lot at Harbour City where "Cable" took her refuge and rest and the location of her capture.
"Cable", so gentle yet so misunderstood-what did she do to deserve this?

DAY  1 (22/2/2011)

·    SPCA KK  received numerous calls and emails  from the good public to ask to help this poor dog. SPCA KK members went to investigate about the dog seen by people crossing the road to go to Sutera Harbour. The dog  named "Cable" was spotted  underneath the ASEANA COLLEGE bus. They went near to check her condition but she ran away.

The bus where Cable was first spotted.

·    The Fire Department at Sembulan was alerted  and the person in-charge, En. Johnny who pledged their assistance to SPCA Kota Kinabalu where and when necessary towards the capture of "Cable" .
A few other SPCA K.K members  met up around 630 pm to try and catch "Cable" but she was not to be seen.

DAY 2 (23/2/2011)

The Hilux where "Cable" would rest and sleep

Jayadi and Freddy, the gardeners who helped in the rescue mission to save "Cable".

·    SPCA KK went to check on "Cable" around 12.00 pm and spotted her under a Hilux.The attempt to catch "Cable" was unsuccessful because she was able to slip through. SPCA KK had help from Jayadi and Freedy  (the gardeners of Harbour City). The rescue team decided to try again in the afternoon and met up again around 6.00pm

DAY 3 (24/2/2011)
The perimeter fencing where "Cable" slipped under to escape capture, not knowing who to trust.
Behind the bushes where there are openings for "Cable" to escape.

·   The Wildlife  Rescue Unit was called in to help dart "Cable", and they came in the afternoon but she was not around and since it was getting dark, the rescue was set in the morning.

DAY 4 (25/2/2011)

·    The Wildlife  Rescue Unit  was on standby at Harbour City early in the morning around 6.00 am.
·   The wildlife staff tried a  few attempts to dart "Cable"  but unfortunately missed. SPCA KK members came around 6.00pm just to check on things and  left food for Cable and her puppies. The food was supplied  by Kak Nong's Restaurant owner and manager Pn. Asmah who has been wholeheartedly supporting the safe capture of "Cable".
Pn. Asmah who kindly provided food for "Cable" and her pups
DAY 5 (26/2/2011)
"Cable" after she was darted. It took around 5 minutes for her to go down.
A close up picture of the dart.
The cable around her waist that has been eating away her flesh.
A close up of the cable.
The Wildlife  Rescue Unit staff was cutting the cable off"Cable"
The wound inflicted by the cable.
Dr. Diana, the Wildlife vet treating "Cable" on scene
The Wildlife Rescue Unit staffs  helping Dr. Diana.
The Wildlife Rescue Unit staff at the scene
"Cable's" wound after treatment.

·    The Wildlife  Rescue Unit  was on standby around 9.00am and fortunately Cable was finally darted and caught around 10.00 ++am. The vet from The Wildlife Rescue Unit, Dr. Diana, treated "Cable" on scene and she was to Sanctuary Animal for further observation.
"Cable" at a private Clinic
"Cable"at a private Clinic.

DAY 6 (27/2/2011)
·   SPCA KK members  went to Harbour City to feed "Cable's" pups in the evening and fortunately one of the black pup was caught by the gardeners earlier in the morning.

DAY 7 (28/2/2011)

·    One of SPCA members went to take the black pup that was caught by Jayadi and Freddy. The
·    pup later named Cole was medically checked and castrated.  He is not a friendly pup (probably scared and traumatized) but probably will change attitude once the rest of the pups are caught and get used to new environment at the shelter.

DAY 8 (1/2/2011)
The opening area where "Cable"sits with her pups when back from her foraging
The pillars where the pups hide for shelter and safety
The view of the pillars where "Cable's" pups would hide.
One of the pups between the pillars

·    Another pup was caught  was sent to a private clinic for check up. She was later adopted by a nice young lady.

DAY 9 (2/3/2011)
Cable's puppies

·   SPCA members managed  to catch "Cable's" two pups with the help of Jayadi, Freddy and Louise.    The pups  were taken to  the clinic for medical check up and will be put up for adoption. 
 Cable is recuperating and doing well but still scared and looks sad.

SPCA Kota Kinabalu would like to thank Mr and Mrs Lars Jacobsson from Sweden  for their generous contribution, Mr. Jimmy Ting, SPCA KK members,The Wildlife Department, DBKK, the private clinic, Sutera Harbour Personnel, Pn. Asma, Kak Nong's Restaurant, The Fire Department, the gardeners  and security guards of Harbour City  and everyone who was involved directly or indirectly in the attempt to rescue "Cable". The mission would not be a success without everyone's help and co-operation.
The culprit of "Cable's" agony-and yet, the real culprit is still out there amongst us!! YOU can make the difference-help stop ANIMAL CRUELTY
"Cable's" trauma is just one of many cruelty cases happening everyday in our society. Her case came to light because of the concern of some people who took the initiative to want change, from cruelty to humane measures, even for a stray dog. SPCA KK commends such people for wanting to help make a difference in a stray's life. Every stray deserves a home and it starts with that small step of being responsible not only towards our communities but also towards our animals - stray or otherwise

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.  ~Seneca