Monday, August 22, 2011

Mass Bathing Session For The Cats

Our beloved feline friends got their "spa' session last Sunday, 21st August 2011. Within 2 hours, we managed to bath 14 cats, including kittens, much to our delight.

"Nooooooo!" says Yani, the oldest kitten around this cattery. 
Sentosa is getting used to being bathed now
Drying off Guli after his bath
Relaxing after their bath, feeling more comfortable now that they are clean. Fluffy fur too!

Giving them a bath every once in a while will help to keep their skin healthy. Thank you Mirabelle Belle for sparing some of your free time to help us and our feline friends.


  1. awww..!! How did I miss the programme? Did you post this event @ FB? My son would've love being there as much as I would..

  2. Shirly,

    No, you didn't miss it because it was a personal arrangement. We did not post it on FB :)

    But when we do next time, hopefully you can make it :)