Monday, April 25, 2011

O!Sweet Cake In Support of SPCA KK

Updated 17/05/2012: O!Sweet Cake collected RM450.00 from this fund raising and handed it over to SPCA KK recently for the Lomunu Project. Thank you to Mandy of O!Sweet Cake and to all that supported this fund-raising!

Most people would say 'yes, please' to at least a slice of cake. Cakes, as we all know, are usually one of the must-have in occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings,  farewell parties, etc. From 1st May to 30th June 2011, O!Sweet Cake is giving 10% of the total orders throughout the said duration to SPCA KK! Yay!

Beside having the "oh, just nice sweetness" and tasty cakes, O! Sweet Cake does amazingly with hand-drawn images on the cakes. Despite being a self-taught, home-based cake maker, the decoration on the cakes does have its own WOW factor. Sometimes the cakes just looks too good to be eaten. The following are some of the custom made designs made by O! Sweet Cake: 

If you are an avid fan of a certain football club, you can have this made for you..... 

This author is a fan of Chelsea, don't worry, you can have your own favourite football club's cake :)

Your kid loves Ben 10? No problem ... make him happy on his birthday!

Your loved one is treating the car better than you? Make him/her remembers you are the best by making him/her happier by a custom-made cake design .... 

OR... just a simple design for a heavenly but sinfully tasty, moist chocolate cake to satisfy your chocolate cravings ... 

Highly recommended, could be the best Chocolate Moist Cake in town!

So friends of SPCA KK, help O! Sweet Cake with its good intention to support SPCA KK by placing your order, too! Check out the Facebook Page for the list of cake types/flavours made to order and the decorations. You can place your order by email to or give a shout out at the Facebook wall and Mandy, the lady who makes this wondrous cakes will get back to you soonest.   

We at SPCA KK is utmost grateful for your kind offer, Mandy. To those who orders from O! Sweet Cake , we thank you in advance. God bless you all... 

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