Monday, February 28, 2011

PET Stories to Share

Do You Have a Happy story to share with us?
If you have adopted an animal from us and want to share your story, send a picture and your story (approximately 100-200 words) to and we will feature it in the blog.


What is Spay/Neuter?
The term neutering refers to the removal of the reproductive organs of the male and female animal, while spaying is specific to female cats and the male cat is castrated.
Advantages of SPAYING or NEUTERING your pet.
  1. Pet Population Control
    Thousands of stray pets face euthanasia or are suffering on the streets so, please spay your pets and help prevent this problem.
  2. Heath Benefits
    • Females
      • Decreases the risk of mammary tumors (breast cancer)
      • Eliminates the risk of uterine infections (pyometra)
      • Reduces the risk of TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour), a sexually transmitted cancer.
    • Males
      • Reduces the chances of TVT
      • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer
      • Markedly reduces the risk of prostrate cancer, anal gland cancer
  3. Behaviour Benefits
    • Reduces stress
    • Prevents wandering and roaming in search of females, which can lead to:
      • road accidents
      • fighting leading to wounds and infections
      • spread of diseases such as TVT
    • Eliminates marking of territory by urine spraying and reduces odor
    • Reduces interdog aggression. 

    Why spay or neuter your pet?
    There are many medical and behavioral benefits from spaying or neutering your pets. These includes:

  4. Easier for you.
    • Avoid embarrassing moments where dogs like to 'mount' on peoples leg.
    • Eliminate the the frantic pacing and crying while in heat.
  5. Healthier for your pet.
    • Avoid the risks of pregnancy and birth.
    • Reduces the risk of prostate problems and testicular tumors later in life. Reduces the possibility of mammary tumors.
  6. Reduce the overpopulation problem.
    • One male can impregnate many females, resulting in unwanted kittens and puppies.
    • You don't have to worry of what to do with the unplanned litters of puppies and kittens.
  7. Eliminates sexual frustration.
    • A frustrated male can do bad things like jump fences and bump on the door in order to mate.
    • Spayed and neutered pets are more relax and are loyal to your family
      To neuter or not to neuter?
      You may have chosen not to neuter your cat without realizing the long term effect. Starting from 2 cats, you my end up with as many as 20,000 kittens in a matter of 7 years.

      Do you have the means to care for them or to find them homes? It is a known fact that there are a lot of stray cats wandering all around town. The majority of them cannot get sufficient food and are exposed to diseases and to the taunting and cruelty of heartless folks; or may end up maimed or dead from accidents.

      According to the experts, neutered cats are healthier and less prone cancerous of the reproductive organs. Cats become less likely to wander and will therefore not get lost, hurt, sick and not incur the wrath of the public from their mating activities.

      We have referred to the "Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Islam Malaysia" regarding the neutering of pets. Below is the "fatwa" issued by JAKIM (July 2002):

      "All pets like cats and dogs are allowed to be neutered or spayed in order to maintain the health and welfare of both the animals and the community."

      "Bahawa mengembiri binatang kesayangan seperti kucing atau anjing hukumnya adalah diharuskan dengan sebab-sebab tertentu iaitu bagi menjaga muslahat ummah."

      After studying the messages of the aforementioned "mazhab"s and the medical viewpoint of the SPCA animal experts, 'JAKIM' has decided that neutering of cats for reasons of 'maslahat' is acceptable. It is in agreement with 'qaedah' (way) Fiqhiyyah which states "To choose the lesser of two evils".

      In view of the good which can be derived, neutering can be carried out for the well-being of your pet cat. Do not be of two minds anymore. Hurry to your vet to make an appointment to neuter your cat.

Volunteers Making A Difference

Last weekend was a great one for one of the dogs' shelter as more volunteers came in to offer their help. There were two main groups on Saturday, UNITAR students for their charity project and UMS students who came along with one of the regular volunteers, Ju Ping. We welcome another individual who came in to help, Laura, and hopes that she will be one of the regulars too. 


SPCA KK does not have any permanent staff to run all the shelters and doing the rescuing works too, among other things. All are working voluntarily, while at the same time doing their day job too to earn their livings. When a group of people get together and pitch in, they really can make a difference. The routine work of bathing the dogs, cleaning and cooking was done in a shorter time. The yard was cleared too, which has been put off before because there were not enough manpower to do so over the weekend. 

As of Sunday, one more individual, Louise and a student from UMS came in to offer their help, too. So all in all, there were a total of 13 volunteers who came in over the weekend to make the jobs lighter. Hopefully there will be more individuals who will step forward and become regular volunteers for SPCA KK. 

Thank you to each individual who came in over the weekend, your help is greatly appreciated! Hope to see you again! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Local pups 2mths old - 4females 4males. Already had 1st vaccination. They are ready for adoption. Please contact us for further details.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kittens In Need for Adoption ASAP

These kittens are found in Country Heights and are in need of a home ASAP. Please contact us for further details.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dog at Kepayan Bypass Road

Recently SPCA KK in facebook received a report stating that there was a badly injured dog that got hit by a car and was lying by the roadside. Unfortunately when 2 of SPCA KK members went to investigate the dog was no where to be found.

On Tuesday, one of SPCA KK EXCO members saw a dog by the road side that fits the description given but was not sure it that was the dog mentioned. She stopped by and gave the dog something to eat but the dog refused. The next day (Wednesday), she stopped again to give the dog some food but the dog still refused. It did not eat the food but was breathing hard, walked with wobbly legs. It must have been the one and may be it had recovered and gained some strength.The SPCA KK member tried to go near but the dog jumped across the drain.  SPCA KK is looking into this matter to help the dog.

2 Kittens For Adoption

E-Lan, Female, Around 2-3 months old

E-Lin, Female, 2-3 months old

Recently SPCA KK received two new members at the temporary cattery shelter. They were named E-Lan and E-Lin. These two kittens were dumped and were brought in by one of SPCA KK EXCO members. These kittens will be brought to the vet for vaccination. They are good kittens and know how to use the toilet.

There is also a female cat who just gave birth to 5 kittens. They are about 1 week old and just recently opened their eyes.

If you are interested to adopt any of the kittens, please contact us as the kittens are in need of a good home.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Volunteers at Our Temporary Shelter

From the right: Emily, Ju Ping, Shima and Melle
Last Saturday (12 Feb 2011) SPCA KK had 4 volunteers (Melle, Shima, Emily and Ju Ping)  who came to help out at our temporary shelter for the dogs. Among the activities that were done were bathing the dogs, sweeping and moping the floor as well as washing their bowls. Apart from that, the most fun part of all was playing with the dogs. 

Lukluk was given a bath by one of the volunteers, Emily.

This is Snowy after her bath. She had a good sleep after that.

Emily playing with tips after his bath.

Ju Ping playing with Fluffy.

Robin who adopted tips and donated RM 100 to SPCAKK

We also had a family who came to adopt a puppy and the lucky pup is Tips. He is cute and very playful. We hope that he would be well taken care of and live a happy life next to his new family. We hope to find
more families and individuals who are keen in adopting a dog or a cat and giving them their love and care.

This is Febi. She got hit a few weeks back somewhere near Likas area. A kind hearted women, Karen brought Febi to the vet where Febi was given treatment for her injuries. She also donated RM 200 to pay for Febi's treatment. After being dischared, Febi was brought to the shelter. Now after a few weeks, Febi is able to walk and lets herself be touched. She is still under medication.

If you would like to help out at our shelters (dog or cat), just drop us an email. or drop a word or two at our Shout Box. We would really appreciate all the help that we can get.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its not the animals fault!!!!

Have you ever wonder why at times you will see the rubbish at the dustbins are scattered all over? Some may think that some stray dogs or cats have been messing around with the rubbish, going through it to find food. Yes, you may be right. But do you know that sometimes it is not even the animals fault? In some cases it is kids who would ransack the garbage bin to find materials that they could sell for money. The 'culprit' are not always the strays.

Meet The Canines

This is Jean. She recently got spayed after giving birth to 11 pups.
This is Jumpy. He is one of the members in SPCA KK temporary shelter. He is sweet and has a very charming personality.
 These are Ming and Min. Both are sisters. There are daugthers of Cloudy, the famous dog who got into the newspapers, where her head was trapped in a plastic container for a few days.
This is Nenek. Another member of the Canine shelter. She has a cyst and the cyst burst recently. So now she in undergoing treatment. Hope that Nenek will recover soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good News People !!

We received  good news today whereby Silver and Gedik and also Goldie have been adopted just a few hours ago by two nice young ladies, Melle and Shima. I'm sure that Melle and Shima will provide all the love and care for the two new members of the family. Thank you Melle and Shima for supporting SPCA KK. We hope that there would be more people who would be interested to adopt and care for these animals.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chad the Paralysed Kitten

Hi. This is Chad. He is around 2-3 months old. He fell from the second floor and injured his spine. He was disowned and one of the SPCA KK members took him home. He could lift his feet occasionally. Hope that he would recover and be able to walk again like other cats.

Charity Shoot To Support SPCA KK

Dear all, MAGICAL MOMENT ART will be organizing a charity shoot until 28 February 2011 with all family packages with a MINIMAL FEE.  

100% of the fee collected will be donated to SPCA (Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) for them to buy food for the animals in the shelter.  
*T&C applies.

Please contact MAGICAL MOMENT ART at for further details or visit the website HERE.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Silver, Coffee, Leo, Charlie

This is Silver, a female,. Very pretty, has soft fur, good behaviour, playful,  toilet trained and likes to eat and sleep in her cage but now let loose. Unfortunately, she is disowned and dumped by the owner at the holding place.Spayed and vaccinated.     Good for apartment because she tiptoed on the sand, perhaps always in the house before.
(Adopted on 8th February 2011)
This is Leo, male about 4-5 months.  Greedy with food but playful.He was sick, skinny and thought would die.  He was taken back to SAMC treated and now he is healthy and ready to be adopted.


Coffee was abandoned.His left eye sort of damaged and not sure if he is one side blind.  Eats a lot and easily adaptable with new environment. He was recently castrated.
This is Charlie: just had his 3rd vaccine last week.  He has pitiful eyes and gentle behaviour.  

All these cats are held at SPCA KK's temporary cattery waiting to be adopted by good and caring people out there. They are gentle animals and have a lot of love to give and share with anyone who is willing to make them part of their family. Please help us find a good home for them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gedik, Goldie and Webo

Hi there. My name is Gedik and i'm up and ready for adoption. Please take me home with you.

Hello. Im Goldie. I'm ready for adoption too. Will you take me home?

Aloha. The name's Webo. I just got adopted by a nice person called Liau.

Nosy and Pink Got Adopted

 This is Nozy.
This is Pinky.

Both Nozy and Pinky were finally adopted by a nice gentlemen from Ranau last sunday from SPCAKK's temporary shelter. We hope that both Pinky and Nozy will lead a happy and healthy life in Ranau.