Sunday, March 20, 2011

A pup rescued at Taman Kepayan Ridge

On 17/3/2011 SPCA Kota Kinabalu  received a call from a concern member of the society, Mrs. Mary Tan about a pup that fell into a drain at a residential area in Kepayan. The authorities i.e the Fire Department was called to rescue the pup.  Fortunately the pup was safely rescued around noon. SPCA Kota Kinabalu would like to thank Mrs. Mary for her prompt action in rescuing the pup which has saved the pup's life. The pup is adopted by Mrs. Mary and is now in safe hands.

Pinnacle Pet Shop in Support of SPCA Kota Kinabalu

Mrs. Agnes Kok, Pinnacle Pet Shop Manager with SPCA Kota Kinabalu's President Mr. Mohammad Iskandar Shah Ali
The Pinnacle Pet Supply Sdn. Bhd. has generously agreed to contribute 100kg of dog dry food and 50 kg of cat dry food to SPCA Kota Kinabalu on monthly basis. Thank you for supporting SPCA Kota Kinabalu.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PET Stories to Share - A pup named Bobby

Mike and Bobby

I recently moved to KK as my father has terminal cancer. There have been so many awful animal cruelty reports in Malaysia recently, so we decided that we wanted to start a happy story.My family has never believed in paying a small fortune for a pedigree breed of cat or dog. For decades we have always given stray dogs and cats a loving home. I found SPCA KK on Facebook (that's what makes the world go round nowadays) a couple of weeks ago.The very next day one of the SPCA KK members was kind enough to pick my baby sister and me up and take us to the shelter.We were looking for a young male pup and name him Bob, after my dad. In the end, the one who caught our eye was a girl. We named her Bobby. Playful, loving, wonderful cheeky character and fearless!

We took her to the vet a few days later to have her mite/skin problem looked at (it's much better now btw). When we were in the waiting room, a huge black scary-looking dog, about ten times Bobby's size walked in with it's owner. Bobby popped her little head out of the cardboard box I was carrying her in and started barking at the giant dog. The bigger dog started cowering. No joke!

She has settled in so well here at our house, that she is already barking at anything and everything that dares come near our gate. Bobby the tiny guard dog!
She is now part of our family and we couldn't have hoped for a nicer dog.
Thank you SPCA KK.


ps - Bobby's favourite hobby is chewing on my toes!

Monday, March 7, 2011


A vet was called to the shelter to perform the operation. From left, Emily, Ju Ping, Kah Hock, Jia Yuh, Tong Mui, Ley Fen.e
noya a new member of the K9 shelter was spayed
tips and Jojo after the surgery.

Last saturday, while some members were at Signal Hill doing rescue, and some were at Lokawi rescuing pups, some of the K9 members of the shelter were spayed and neutered. This is one of the steps taken to decrease the over population of unwanted cats and dogs on the street. We also had UMS students who came to volunteer at the shelter.

Signal at Signal Hill

Signal was spotted by one of the SPCA members. He was thin and hungry. She fed him buns as those were the only food she had with her at that time.
Last Friday (4/3/11)  two SPCA KK members went to Signal Hill to try a and rescue a thin and hungry dog that was either lost or abandoned by the owner. Apparently one of the regular joggers who goes there said that the dog has been there for almost a month. The attempt to place the dog in the carrier failed so it was decided to try and coax him again the next day. On Saturday (5/3/11) Signal was successfully rescued  and was brought to the vet for check up.

Signal resting on one of the pallets
Signel the Handsome dog.

He is a handsome dog and when he was rescued it was found that he was already castrated. He is now placed in the K9 shelters. Signal is a good dog but does not like other dogs to disturb him.


Mike and her baby sister Marie, with Bobby.

Last Sunday ( 6/3/11) a female pup around 6 weeks old was adopted by a nice family. Mike who just arrived last week from Kuala Lumpur, and her baby sister Marie came to the shelter and fell in love with the pup and named her Bobby after his father. Beside the fact that he loves animals, Bobby was also a form of therapy for his father who is quite sickly. Hopefully Bobby will be happy at her new home and gets the love and care she deserved.

A Dog Named Cable

                           CHRONOLOGICAL EVENTS OF “CABLE'S” RESCUE

The Sutera Harbour traffic lights where "Cable" was seen crossing up and down countless times - the beginning of her rescue saga.
The parking lot at Harbour City where "Cable" took her refuge and rest and the location of her capture.
"Cable", so gentle yet so misunderstood-what did she do to deserve this?

DAY  1 (22/2/2011)

·    SPCA KK  received numerous calls and emails  from the good public to ask to help this poor dog. SPCA KK members went to investigate about the dog seen by people crossing the road to go to Sutera Harbour. The dog  named "Cable" was spotted  underneath the ASEANA COLLEGE bus. They went near to check her condition but she ran away.

The bus where Cable was first spotted.

·    The Fire Department at Sembulan was alerted  and the person in-charge, En. Johnny who pledged their assistance to SPCA Kota Kinabalu where and when necessary towards the capture of "Cable" .
A few other SPCA K.K members  met up around 630 pm to try and catch "Cable" but she was not to be seen.

DAY 2 (23/2/2011)

The Hilux where "Cable" would rest and sleep

Jayadi and Freddy, the gardeners who helped in the rescue mission to save "Cable".

·    SPCA KK went to check on "Cable" around 12.00 pm and spotted her under a Hilux.The attempt to catch "Cable" was unsuccessful because she was able to slip through. SPCA KK had help from Jayadi and Freedy  (the gardeners of Harbour City). The rescue team decided to try again in the afternoon and met up again around 6.00pm

DAY 3 (24/2/2011)
The perimeter fencing where "Cable" slipped under to escape capture, not knowing who to trust.
Behind the bushes where there are openings for "Cable" to escape.

·   The Wildlife  Rescue Unit was called in to help dart "Cable", and they came in the afternoon but she was not around and since it was getting dark, the rescue was set in the morning.

DAY 4 (25/2/2011)

·    The Wildlife  Rescue Unit  was on standby at Harbour City early in the morning around 6.00 am.
·   The wildlife staff tried a  few attempts to dart "Cable"  but unfortunately missed. SPCA KK members came around 6.00pm just to check on things and  left food for Cable and her puppies. The food was supplied  by Kak Nong's Restaurant owner and manager Pn. Asmah who has been wholeheartedly supporting the safe capture of "Cable".
Pn. Asmah who kindly provided food for "Cable" and her pups
DAY 5 (26/2/2011)
"Cable" after she was darted. It took around 5 minutes for her to go down.
A close up picture of the dart.
The cable around her waist that has been eating away her flesh.
A close up of the cable.
The Wildlife  Rescue Unit staff was cutting the cable off"Cable"
The wound inflicted by the cable.
Dr. Diana, the Wildlife vet treating "Cable" on scene
The Wildlife Rescue Unit staffs  helping Dr. Diana.
The Wildlife Rescue Unit staff at the scene
"Cable's" wound after treatment.

·    The Wildlife  Rescue Unit  was on standby around 9.00am and fortunately Cable was finally darted and caught around 10.00 ++am. The vet from The Wildlife Rescue Unit, Dr. Diana, treated "Cable" on scene and she was to Sanctuary Animal for further observation.
"Cable" at a private Clinic
"Cable"at a private Clinic.

DAY 6 (27/2/2011)
·   SPCA KK members  went to Harbour City to feed "Cable's" pups in the evening and fortunately one of the black pup was caught by the gardeners earlier in the morning.

DAY 7 (28/2/2011)

·    One of SPCA members went to take the black pup that was caught by Jayadi and Freddy. The
·    pup later named Cole was medically checked and castrated.  He is not a friendly pup (probably scared and traumatized) but probably will change attitude once the rest of the pups are caught and get used to new environment at the shelter.

DAY 8 (1/2/2011)
The opening area where "Cable"sits with her pups when back from her foraging
The pillars where the pups hide for shelter and safety
The view of the pillars where "Cable's" pups would hide.
One of the pups between the pillars

·    Another pup was caught  was sent to a private clinic for check up. She was later adopted by a nice young lady.

DAY 9 (2/3/2011)
Cable's puppies

·   SPCA members managed  to catch "Cable's" two pups with the help of Jayadi, Freddy and Louise.    The pups  were taken to  the clinic for medical check up and will be put up for adoption. 
 Cable is recuperating and doing well but still scared and looks sad.

SPCA Kota Kinabalu would like to thank Mr and Mrs Lars Jacobsson from Sweden  for their generous contribution, Mr. Jimmy Ting, SPCA KK members,The Wildlife Department, DBKK, the private clinic, Sutera Harbour Personnel, Pn. Asma, Kak Nong's Restaurant, The Fire Department, the gardeners  and security guards of Harbour City  and everyone who was involved directly or indirectly in the attempt to rescue "Cable". The mission would not be a success without everyone's help and co-operation.
The culprit of "Cable's" agony-and yet, the real culprit is still out there amongst us!! YOU can make the difference-help stop ANIMAL CRUELTY
"Cable's" trauma is just one of many cruelty cases happening everyday in our society. Her case came to light because of the concern of some people who took the initiative to want change, from cruelty to humane measures, even for a stray dog. SPCA KK commends such people for wanting to help make a difference in a stray's life. Every stray deserves a home and it starts with that small step of being responsible not only towards our communities but also towards our animals - stray or otherwise

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.  ~Seneca


Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Story of a Dog Named Baby

Baby at one of the private clinic

The wound at Baby's neck caused by the collar.
The colloar that was removed from Baby's neck
A close up of the wound around Baby's neck inflicted by the collar

Recently a 5 month old female puppy was rescued from the Sunny Supermarket vicinity. The puppy had suffered immensely as it had been heartlessly bounded to the same tight collar since it was a month old. This puppy was strangled by the collar as it eventually grew septic as the skin grew around it. A myriad of complexities ensued as the puppy began to show signs of immense pain and trauma from the wounds dealt by the collar. All attempts to capture the dog, from using a net to trapping it in a cage were in vain.  It consumed the rescue team roughly a month of effort before they could capture it. 
Baby at the private clinic getting treatment

Baby behind the big card boards
Baby was finally darted and captured with the wonderful assistance of Dr.Mary, who is now with WWF in L.Datu as of 19/1. The sacrifice of forgoing sleep, waiting, cajoling, crawling on the ground all finally paid off for the safe rescue of this dog which took planning and teamwork to successfully achieved... a purely ladies rescue event at that!! Baby was at a private clinic  from 19/1 - 11/2; she was spayed on 25/1 ;  and vaccinated on 9/2 and finally discharged on 11/2 to the K9 shelter where she's accompanying another young 5 month old fella, Evander.Both get along like a house on fire - hiding behind huge cardboards but creeping out to steal glances at the crazy bunch of K9 hoodlums outside their enclosure and running back to hide again.

Baby at the K9 shelter. Her health is improving but she is still scared of human touch. She would need sometime to gain her confidence and trust on humans.

 A huge thank you to each and every individual who were involved in rescuing Baby, may God Bless you.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  ~Oscar Wilde

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lucky To Have Them In My Life

I have always been a rabbit and dog person all my life, and has always have a mild case of Ailurophobia, a phobia of cats. I was just scared of getting bitten and scratched by a cat for as long as I can remember. I always kept my distance whenever a cat got near me. So it never crossed my mind that I would be having a cat for a pet, let alone two of them! 

I got close with a futsal team mate and we became best buds, so I've been spending a lot of time at her place. She's a cat lover, so I had to tolerate her cats. I don't remember petting the cats though I've been going to her place for almost a year, until this one time when one of her cats gave birth to 5 kittens. These 5 kittens got their unbilical cords entwined after birth, probably because their mother did not have enough time to sever the cords and we only found them the day after and it was around 10 at night. We called up a vet and was adviced to bring the kittens to the clinic the next day. We knew time was a really important factor to try and save them, but my bestfriend just couldn't bear the sounds of the kittens screaming in pain when we tried to detangled them. So that was when I had to do what I had to do, cut the unbilical cord from one of them. I couldn't free the others as they were badly entangled to each other, with one had its circulation cut off from one of the legs, it had turned black. The lady vet managed to free them from each other with a few snips the next day, but unfortunately, they only survived for a few days, leaving the one as the only survivor. And that was the turning point in my life, I became a cat lover, too. 

One fine day in February, I accompanied my cousin to the SPCA's temporary cat shelter as she wanted to adopt a cat. I only wanted to look at them but instead fell in love with a kitten and an adult cat. I couldn't decide on which to take home, found out that I could actually adopt them both, so I did! As of 8th February 2011, I became the happy owner of Silver and Duvo (Gedik). Silver is a quiet but playful cat, while Duvo is very affectionate, craving for attention whenever he's not playing with Silver. Though they would come close to me, they doesn't like to invade my space and vice versa beside the occasional request for pettings, until a recent occurance when I was really having a bad day.  

I kept hearing and reading stories about how a pet could attune to their owner's mood. I have always been amazed with these stories, but never thought that it could happen to me. As I said, it was really a bad day, and suddenly Duvo jumped up onto my lap as I sat on my bed sobbing away, started to make a massage-like movements with her paws on my arm while watching my face intently and making small meows. Even Silver who has always like to have her space, jumped on my bed and watched me cry. They have never climb on my bed before, has always been on their best behaviours. The moment I started feeling better, Duvo and Silver scattered from the bed and started playing with each other as if nothing peculiar happened. I have always been thankful for the day I decided to adopt them, but that just a proof that I am indeed very lucky to have them in my care. My silent, loyal companions in my time of need, helping me getting through a bad day and gave me hope that all will be well again. 

I never have to come home to an empty house anymore, as they will always be at the door waiting for me. They amuses me with their cute and funny antics each day, making me hold them even more dearly in my heart. Because of them, I am now fostering a few cats for SPCA KK, hoping that someday these cats will warm someone else's heart & home with their presence when they get adopted. That's the story of someone who was wary of cats in all of her 31 years of life, turned cats lover. This could be you too, if you let your heart be touched by them, or maybe it could be a dog for you. Give these animals a chance. 

~ A pet story from Melle ~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Above is Hafiz and his cousin. He adopted the cat and 5 kittens because he loves cats and also doing his NGO project. A very responsible guy. Hope that Mama and her babies will be happy at their new home. Thank you Hafiz for your support.